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“My UMi 17 is incredibly consistent and easy. Bluetooth connects ASAP and there are never any issues with connectivity. Im so happy with the UMi 17!”


“I am really, really happy with the mount. I switched from a heavy Heq5 Pro to this fairly light mount. I don't regret the switch at all! Keep on the Good work and much love from germany❤️”


I own a UMi 17 and a UMi 17 Lite and being totally happy with it. The mounts are high quality products, well machined and reliable. I run my UMi 17s with an ASIair via Onstep connection without any problems. I switched from a EQ6 class mount to work with a lighter mount head and without counterweights – job done ❤️!


The UMi 17 Harmonic mount is really fantastic, had a Heq5 Pro but comparing it to the UMi 17 "what a difference" it is a dream to work with, very quiet, easy to set up and the guiding is out of the box, average around .50, sometimes less depending on the strong wind here in the south of Spain, something that used to be impossible with the Heq5 Pro in strong winds. Delivery was fast and the help you receive is very good. Don't hesitate if you want to buy the UMi 17, top and much cheaper than all other brands!!!


I wanted a mount that was lightweight and portable but at the same time, able to easily handle something like a 6" Newtonian or 100mm refractor. This made the UMi 17 Lite a perfect fit for my needs. It has easily handled my 135mm lens and 6" Newtonian, shooting up to 15 minute sub-exposures all for a much fairer price than the competition. Overall, I have been more than satisfied with my purchase and look forward to what else Proxisky has to offer in the future.


I've had the UMI 17 for a few days: yesterday I could try it "on the field" for the 1st time. For a variety of reasons, I did a sloppy polar alignment (error in NINA TPPA between 1 and 2 arc'): nonetheless guiding was very good throughout the night, with RMS typically between 0.6 and 0.8 arc", for short periods even lower than 0.4 arc". I'm in a Bortle 8 zone, so when imaging low on the horizon the S/N is low and guiding worsens. My previous mount was an Explorer Scientific iExos 100, not a bad mount (except for the awful driver) but the difference from UMI 17 is day and night.


The UMi 17 is one of the best purchases I've made in this hobby, guiding is extremely consistent night after night, it's light weight, high quality, support is awesome and the price is fantastic. Couldn't be happier