Explore the universe, starting with astrophotography

Embark on your stargazing journey with Proxisky

Astrophotography, in its silent manner, captures those distant, unreachable stars, permanently freezing them in the flow of time. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the eternal beauty at any moment, savoring it delicately. Acting like a key to the gate leading to the stars, astrophotography guides us into the depths of the universe, experiencing the endless charm and mystery.

M45 Nebula

User: 宋文韬
Mount: UMi 17

M16 Nebula

User: 李柯颖
Mount: UMi 17

Soul Nebula

User: 湮灭
Mount: UMi 17

Fish-head Nebula

User: 老马
Mount: UMi 17